loaded hummus sandwich 


take a bite

I really shouldn’t even call this a hummus sandwich because it is SO much more than that!  This is one of my favourite go to lunches – it’s quick, easy, super delicious and very satisfying. Plus it’s healthy! And vegetarian, so it doesn’t weigh you down for the rest of your work day! Some key ingredients are good bread, creamy avocado, slightly zingy hot peppers, and crunchy tangy pickles. Oh, and the sharp cheddar is key too. If you don’t have time to fry up an egg that isn’t a big deal – but if you can it sure adds some rich and flavourful bites to your sandwich.  I used to make this all the time for my friend Kim whenever we got together for play dates.  She was always surprised at how good it tasted because it seemed like I put a bunch of random things in it!  A few weeks ago she recreated it as a build your own sandwich station at a baby shower. Brilliant way to easily serve a crowd!

prep: 6 min   yield: 2 sandwiches

what you need:

  • 4 slices of hearty bread (today I used a sprouted grain brain – it was so good! you do need a bread that will stand up to all the filling)
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 pickles
  • 2 tbsp pickled hot pepper rings
  • baby spinach or arugula
  • sharp old cheddar cheese
  • hummus
  • 2 eggs

what to do:

  1. Toast your bread lightly.
  2. If you are using eggs, fry them up until desired doneness (I like overeasy).
  3. Prep the rest of your ingredients and have them ready for sandwich assembly – wash spinach and pat dry, allow pickles and hot peppers to rest on a paper towel for a minute (this soaks up excess liquid), thinly slice cheese, cut avocado in half and remove pit.
  4. Place toast on a plate and load them up! One side with hummus, then top with cheese and egg. On the other, spread avocado on, then load with spinach, pickles, and hot peppers.  Gently bring the hummus side on top. Cut in half, and enjoy!

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