DIY spice bags

spice bag

spice up your dishes

Spice bags are perfect if you’re cooking with lots of spices and you don’t want to have to worry about fishing them out before serving your dish. Sometimes I don’t bother removing the spices – I can get lazy and I figure people will notice them and just remove it from their bowls as they come across it while eating…however, one time I cooked a homemade curry for my girlfriends and I used things like cardamon, big cloves of garlic, and ginger slices…and my friend Maya ended up eating a whole clove of garlic…it was really strong (yay immune boost) and after that it was all she could taste (sorry Maya!!!). Another time I made the same curry for my parents who were visiting and they kept eating cardamon seeds…which isn’t very pleasant because it is so strongly fragrant that it’s almost like eating a flower or soap (ew). So…I’ve learned my lesson! Use spice bags! If you need to make your own spice bag – this is the easiest way! Cut a square of cheese cloth, place your spices in the centre, then pull all 4 corners up and tie a string around to enclose the spices within the bag.


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