the carrot challenge


a carrot a day

Eat a carrot a day for a whole week!

Awhile ago my best friends from high school started a whatsapp group called “girls healthy eats and workouts” and we would send each other photos, recipes, or little blurbs of our day or week.  For fun we also post little challenges to each other, nothing too crazy or impossible because let’s face it, we all lead different busy lives and we are all in different stages of life! Some with kids, some in residency, some travelling, some working long hours, etc.  For example, someone might post a picture of a meal they made and say “this weekend’s challenge – make something all from scratch!”, or like I posted one day, “anytime today, try to do 30 squats!”.

One day I decided to post a food challenge that would last one week – the thing is challenges need to be achievable or else it’s not rewarding or fun and you end up feeling defeated. So here’s what I came up with – eat a carrot a day for a week– super simple but honestly it made a difference in my week! Instead of reaching for a cracker or some other packaged snack, I would take the extra 2 minutes to wash and peel a carrot, take a picture of it (to show my friends), and then eat it. Having the little bit of accountability made me stick to it, and actually I found I felt really good and ate less packaged snacky items (processed carbs…we all crave them!).  It’s not like I was full after eating a carrot but all that crunching and munching of a whole carrot actually kept me satisfied for longer than I thought it would. I encourage you all to try it! Then share with us – did it make a difference for you?

The best part of this? My toddler (pie pie) and baby (the boss) saw me do this everyday, and pie pie would say “mommy you eating carrot again?” and I would say “yes, it’s good for me” and she would want some too. Our children really do watch us – lead by example and let them inspire you to inspire them.

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2 thoughts on “the carrot challenge

  1. Thanks for starting this challenge Tati!! I think I ended up eating carrots 4 of the 7 days, which is probably 3 more than I would have 🙂 It was lots of fun to share recipes with our friends as well.


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